Who We Are

Afghan Women Coordination and Promotion Organization

AWCPO was founded in 2013 as a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental organization registered with the ministry of Economic of Afghanistan with the registration No 3010. Dedicated to the welfare and progress of Afghan people residing inside of the country, with a primary focus on women empowerment, capacity building, education, vocational training, sustainable income generation, emergency relief, and risk assistance. AWCPO is women lead organization, in addition, the organization is partner with the followings official organizations: 


AWCPO Focus and Priority Areas

AWCPO is a driving force behind social and economic rehabilitation of Afghanistan and assisting the most vulnerable communities to achieve economic sustainability.


The vocational skill training program provides demand driven skills to Afghans.


One of the AWCPO’s main goals in such critical situation with the support of


The main sector that AWCPO focuses on is women and girls education.


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