Afghan WOMEN Coordination & Promotion Organization

(AWCPO) was founded in 2013 as a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Economics of Afghanistan with the registration No 3010. Dedicated to the welfare and progress of Afghan people residing inside of the country, with a primary focus on women empowerment, capacity building, education, vocational training, sustainable income generation, emergency relief, and risk assistance. AWCPO is women lead organization, in addition, the organization is a member of/registered with the following official organizations:

AWCPO also seeks a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and everyone lives in dignity and security. AWCPO will be known everywhere for its unshakable commitment to the dignity of people.


AWCPO aims to provide a better future to society through self-empowerment, equal opportunities and sustainable development.


AWCPO focuses on the socio-economic development of the society, strives to enhance women empowerment, reaches out to the unreachable and vulnerable people in collaboration with the local community, government and international partners.


The primary objective of AWCPO is to carry out collective efforts for socio-economic development, financial empowerment and sustainable development of the society through effective exploration and efficient utilization of internal and external resources. It focuses on women's empowerment through quality education and their effective participation at the decision-making level and involvement in the different developmental sectors. It strives for generating equal opportunities for self-development, employment and promotes a safe and efficient working environment. AWCPO with the support of government institutions, donors priorities immediate access and provision of financial support, food and other humanitarian aids to vulnerable families and starving segments of society.